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Ready for Locarno?

The ISSA Speed Skydiving Second World Series 2012 Event 

  • 1st World Series Event 2012:
    10 – 20 May 2012
  • 2nd World Series Event 2012:

    Locarno (CH)

    22 – 24 June 2012
  • 3rd and Final World Series Event 2012:
    24 – 26 AUGUST 2012

The Locarno Winners are

1. Christian Labhart (SUI), 478.08 points
2. Alexander Diem (AUT), 464.12 points
3. Roberto Feusi (SUI), 435.69 points

Fastest woman: Nicole Roth (Switzerland) with 356.09 points


A perfect day for the second World Series Event in 2012

The ISSA World Series 2011 besteht aus drei einzelnen Speed Skydiving Wettbewerben. Die zwei besten Springresultate der drei Events (meet results) werden für die Platzierung der Speed Skydivng World Series gezählt.

The ISSA World Series 2011 consists of three individual speed skydiving competitions. The two best jumping results of the three events (meet results) are counted for the placement of the Speed ​​Skydivng World Series.

The event took place in Locarno during fabulous summer weahter with perfect wind and air conditions. 

575 km/h speed

We had such a great time – staying in the beautiful south of Switzerland, having pizza and speed records. Thanks to all the people who made this happen.

Füege, Zurich

You wanna see some pictures of that special event?